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    Power Battery Connector

    $0.10 - $1.00/Piece
    600 Pieces(Min. Order)

    Main Categories

    EV Connector
    US straight blade plugs and receptacles
    Battery connector
    Tamper-resistant receptacles

    Why Choose Us
    Uchen technology is one of the manufacturers in providing the most complete industrial plugs & receptacles, but also power, electrical source dynamic industry leader in supporting the matching products. Our products in the gasoline generator power industry share of over 70 percent, which also take a wide range of applications in electricity, lighting, and other industries.

    Founded in 1972, formerly known as "Zhangjiagang bakelite electrical plan", the company is one of the China's first professional corporations in manufacturing switch and receptacle which are used in construction, civil, electrical lighting accessories.

    36 years experience specializing in the production of electrical in electrical products, 25,000 square meters of production base, more than 400 employees, 40 million of electrical connectors in productivity, excelsior product ideas, which are also the foundation of trust of our customers; Our professional and innovative capacity of research and development design team can meet our customers new products' independent development requirements and can provide the perfect OEM and ODM services.

    We passed the ISO9001-2000 quality assurance system certification, and we are still using more effective quality management tools to make our products more perfect and stability.

    Most of the products have passed UL, CUL, CSA, BS, VDE, TUV, CE, NF, SAA etc. certifications.

    Our service areas: electrical manufacturing industry, power generating industry, lamp lighting industry, "UPS" category power industry, electrical machinery industry, the electric vehicle industry, electrical equipment industries etc.
    Becoming a professional valuable Electric Company is the sincere desire of each one who is in Youcheng.

    We are willing to create value together with you.
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    Consists of three parts and offer verified information.
    Assessment Reports
    In-depth reports based on site visits.
    Verified Main Products
    Report on expertise, capacity, production & certification.
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